Rob Ulitski Rob Ulitski

"This is the first video I've shot in almost a year, and just like my last one for Gravity Circus, was totally filmed over Zoom and video chat. I've found this way of working to be completely refreshing compared to being on-set, and it's one of the surprising silver linings of being stuck inside.

"I first heard the track when doing an interview with Kelsey, and I loved her no-holds-barred attitude and frankness about how dating and love can suck, and the theme really lent itself to this kind of aesthetic.

"It was Kelsey's first ever music video, and I had wanted to do something related to the 90's dating videotape scene (of which I've become quite well read in the last few weeks, having studied every tape I could get hold of online, as well as various corporate films and cheesy reality shows of the era).

"I learned a little bit of After Effects for a couple of the transition scenes, and tried to replicate some of the amateur animation and titles which were made back in the day with specialised hardware and software - I'm pretty please with how it all turned out!

"I owe a huge thanks to my guy friends in the video, as well as Kelsey for trusting me with the concept. We managed to film across four countries and time zones in a week, and one of the unexpected positives was being able to have a good catch up with some people in between me directing them to blow fake kisses and embarrass themselves."

Director: Rob Ulitski

Production Company: Pastel Wasteland 

Rob Ulitski pays homage to '90s VHS dating, in his lo-fi promo for California-based Feral, aka Kelsey Ferrell.