Rob Ulitski Rob Ulitski

"When I first heard the track, I proposed we make something really lo-fi and 90's home video-esque," says Rob. "Jimmy and Ken are based in Amsterdam, so it was obvious we would need to shoot everything remotely, and on the simplest setup we could.

"Using Discord to communicate and a rough shotlist of some ideas, we shot (remotely) throughout the day inside Ken's bedroom studio and garden, with one DSLR camera and a couple of small lamps. The aesthetic very much lent itself to distorted textures and VHS-style blur and artefacts, so I think that shooting style worked really nicely within the concept.

"Both Jimmy, Ken and all of the other contributors were amazing to work with - shout out to those who all learned a lip sync with roughly half-hour notice!"

Director: Rob Ulitski

Production Company: Pastel Wasteland 

Rob Ulitski pays homage to lo-fi home videos in his video for Dutch duo Gravity Circus.